Business Resilience for the Women Behind the Scenes

Bet you never thought you’d be responsible for doing all the invoicing, the filing, the scheduling, the payroll and the insurance management for a small business!

But that’s the role lots of women kind of fall into when their partner works in construction. 

You’re probably doing stuff you’ve never been trained to do but you just get on and figure it out the best you can.

That’s where this course comes in. We’ve designed it specifically for women who support their partners (or sons/daughters) behind the scenes, so they can help them grow their business and make it run more efficiently and profitably.

This powerful, half-day event will help you:

  • Understand the true impact of discounting on your profit, and how even a 5% discount can affect your bottom line.
  • Identify what’s happening in your Profit & Loss (P&L) statement so you understand why even when it shows a profit there’s not always enough money in the bank to pay creditors
  • Design compelling social media posts, on the platform that’s best suited to your target audience, to get your business noticed and create engagement with your ideal customers
  • Explore different ways of improving communication between the office and the job site or the vehicle on the road
  • Analyse and evaluate the different job-scheduling apps available in the market
  • Improve your ability to establish priorities and get more done within a set timeframe
  • Investigate different ways of managing customer information and keeping on top of task reminders
  • Enhance your networking skills so you can put your customers in touch with just the right person when they need a problem solved that’s outside your area of expertise.

Course Duration: 4 hours

Course Date: 28 October 2021

Start Time: 8:00 am

Location: Level 3, 35 Havelock Street, West Perth

Delivered on behalf of Women Building Australia by: Master Builders WA

Oct 28, 2021

Course Duration: 4 hours

Start Time: 8:00 am

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Please note:

This is a training session offered free by Women Building Australia to people that qualify under the Women Building Australia Business Operator Resilience program.

The Women Building Australia Business Operator Resilience program provides courses and information sessions to female operators of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the building and construction industry. These courses are aimed at teaching business fundamentals and how to safely grow and prosper within the industry.

Women Building Australia defines female operators of small and medium enterprises as women running their own business or holding a managerial position in the family business or SME in the Building and Construction Industry.

Women building Australia reserves that right to deny attendance to anyone at our discretion to any and all training courses provided by Women Building Australia as part of the Business Operator Resilience program.