Business Operator Resilience

Women Building Australia is offering FREE Business Operator Resilience training for women running or operating businesses in the building and construction industry.

Developed in conjunction with MYOB, on completion of the 7 training modules, participants will be provided with a MYOB micro-credential and gain a free MYOB subscription for 2 months. The topics covered in each module are:


  1. Introduction to bookkeeping
  2. Managing cashflow
  3. Managing clients
  4. Managing suppliers
  5. Managing payroll
  6. Generating revenue
  7. Managing compliance

Training on each topic are delivered via webinars lasting 45-60 minutes with modules delivered each fortnight. The first training starts on 17 May 2022.

To take part click the enrol button above or part follow the link to create an account on MYOB Academy and enrol in the Women Building Australia Business Resilience training. Enrol Here


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