Support Female Businesses

Our Female Led Business Register highlights female owned and managed businesses in the building and construction industry. If you are a female led business, register your business with us. The register will assist vulnerable women who prefer using female builders or tradies. The register will also enable people to support female owned businesses.


Looking for a female led business?

Here is the register of businesses in the building and construction industry led by women to assist the public, particularly vulnerable women who prefer using female builders and tradies. The register allows enables you to support female led businesses.

Are you a female led business?

If yes, register your business with us. We are developing a register of female led businesses in the building and construction industry to assist the public, particularly vulnerable women who prefer using female builders and tradies. The register allows enables the public to support female led businesses.

Meet our female led businesses

Brushwood Fencing Australia 

Brushwood Small

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Welcoming Narelle Warren, Managing Director of Brushwood Fencing. 

Brushwood Fencing Australia Pty Ltd is a Sydney and family based Company that specialises in the construction of new brushwood fences and the restoration of old brushwood fences.


The team at Brushwood Fencing is dedicated in providing solutions to your brushwood fence designs and construction needs. They are friendly and easy going and understand that this is an investment in your home.

Brushwood Fencing's quality is of the highest standards, and they deliver their brush fences in a professional manner, on time no matter how big or small the job is. Other services provided include batten fences, slat fences, laser cut screens and perforated pool fencing.

Hey Sista Plumbing 

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Welcoming Kimberley Smyth, owner of Hey Sista Plumbing onto the Female Led Business register. Kimberley started her career in the industry as a mature age apprentice, she was the only female apprentice plumber in her class and a mother of four. She did find it isolating at the start but as her confidence grew her feeling of belonging grew as well. 

Kimberley always felt more comfortable if her husband was around when she was having work done in her home. She strongly believes that other women feel the same, which led her to start her very own female plumbing company - Hey Sista Plumbing. 


Through Hey Sista Plumbing, Kimberley started with small maintenance job and then scaled her business up to working on residential buildings and small commercial jobs. 

Kimberley says,

Hey Sista Plumbing is the kind of construction business that the Female Led Business register was developed to support. Hey Sista Plumbing is female led and is able to assist the public, particularly vulnerable women who prefer using female builders and tradies.

Elite Building Services

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Meet Rebecca Bishop, Co-Founder of Elite Building Services in Victoria. Rebecca had unprecedented entry in to the industry, she had a successful career in law and was in a life threatening car accident in 2010 when she was unknowingly pregnant as well. The accident and wanting to focus on her health and pregnancy made Rebecca stop working in law. 

She started helping her husband in his building business in 2014 and that got the ball rolling, she found her love and passion for building homes for beautiful customers and their families. Rebecca feels very grateful to be part of their journey.

The construction industry has been very kind to me and has provided me with the opportunity to be involved such an important part in people’s lives and so many opportunities to help people in the community.

Marcelle's Carpentry & Building 

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Introducing the lovely Marcelle Bagu founder of Marcelle's Carpentry & Building, the first female led business on WBA’s Female Led Business Register. Marcelle’s entry into construction was an unorthodox one. She has 3 tertiary qualifications and was working as a Policy Adviser for the Victorian Government but realised over a long period that her personality no longer suited her dream career of working in the Parliament. Coming from a family who had no tradespeople, her decision to take up a carpentry apprenticeship was met with surprise and some confusion, but her instinct told her it would all work out. And work out it did, Marcelle is now a registered builder too. 

Marcelle was 33 years when she transitioned into the construction industry. She believes it was at an ideal stage in her life to make a career change.

The transition was difficult at times, but my persistence paid off and having had my own business for 11 years and now being a Registered Builder, has given me a career and personal opportunities, which l could never have achieved in my previous working life. Building and construction is an ideal industry for women to achieve our full potential and find flexible working hours.”


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