Business Resilience Mentoring On Demand 

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The Women Building Australia Business Resilience Mentoring on Demand aims to assist in developing and sustaining female-led or operated businesses within the building and construction industry.

This program is a self-matching on-demand mentoring experience to help with an acute business issue the mentee is facing. Mentees view available mentors through the 'find a match' tile on their platform home page and send a match request to their chosen mentor.

Note: Depending on participant numbers and platform capacity limits, applications may be toggled on or off at different stages throughout the year. If applications are closed when you want to join, click on the contact program manager button below to register your interest.



  • Explore issues and concerns in a supportive relationship
  • Receive experienced guidance and support
  • Learn from the real-life experience of other construction business owners
  • Explore your business options and tactics to solve your acute business issue
  • Receive feedback and developmental guidance
  • Network and connect with other experienced industry practitioners


  • Contribute back to the industry and help to build robust building businesses
  • Enrich your mentoring and leadership skillset
  • Gain intellectual challenge and new perspective
  • Exercise your emotional intelligence
  • Network and connect with other industry practitioners
  • Help shape the women in the construction business community


  • Download the Information Pack here
  • Contact the Program Manager here


The Women Building Australia Business Resilience Mentoring on Demand provides an avenue for women running a building and construction business to gain support and guidance from an experienced industry practitioner when facing an acute business issue. It is an important component in developing successful female-led businesses in the industry. This program is not about the mentor providing un-paid professional services or solving the issue for the mentee. It's about the mentor providing practical implementable advice based on experience to support the mentee's business success.

  • Business Reliance Mentoring on Demand is a business management-focused mentoring program providing assistance to female owners /operators of SMEs in the building and construction industry.
  • Mentoring on Demand aims to assist in developing and sustaining female owned and/or operated businesses within the construction industry to help attain individual and business success and growth.
  • The program provides a safe and confidential space for a woman to interact with an industry mentor (male or female) to help the mentee solve an acute business issue and develop as a business leader.


To join as a mentee:

  • Female leading and/or running a small to medium building and construction business
  • Owner/operator or female in or working toward a senior/management role
  • Running the business side of the business (with or without being on tools)

To join as a mentor:

  • Female or male
  • Owner/operator or in a senior/management role in the industry
  • Experienced running a building business or currently employed in a management or supervisory role in the building and construction industry.
  • You will have at least 10 years of industry experience and be available for the duration of the program.


Each mentoring relationship lasts a maximum of 3 months. The mentee outlines the specific acute business issue they are facing and the mentor provided advice and guidance based on their own experience to help the mentee solve the issue.



1300 889 156 providing confidential, practical (non-legal) advice on issues of discrimination and harassment, and avenues that are available to you.