Building Surveyor 

As a surveyor, you plan, direct and conduct survey work. This helps with planning to precisely tracts of land, natural and constructed features, coastlines, marine floors and underground works.  

You also manage related information systems.  

Build Sur


  • Outdoor Work 
  • Technical Work
  • National work 

A typical day may involve:

  • undertaking research and developing surveying and photogrammetric measurement systems, cadastral systems and land information systems
  • planning and designing land subdivision projects and negotiating details with local governments and other authorities
  • advising architects, engineering professionals, environmental and other scientists or other relevant professionals on the technical requirements of surveying, mapping and spatial information systems
  • compiling and evaluating data
  • interpreting codes of practice
  • writing reports about survey measurement, land use and tenure
  • preparing site plans and survey reports required for conveyance and land ownership matters

It helps to be good at:

  • planning 
  • communicating and negotiating
  • analytical thinking 
  • attention to detail 

Qualifications/pathway options:

  • Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying


  • Bachelor of Building Surveying

You may be able to work in:

  • Construction
  • Mining 
  •  Government and safety 

Related Roles

  • Building inspector 

  • Architect 

  • Architectural draftsperson 


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