Mentorship benefits

Boosting the Careers of Women in Building & Construction



Mentees and their mentors will be carefully matched based on their applications and then guided through a structured nine-month mentoring process. During this time the mentee will have opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills, to access professional development opportunities and to work through personal and employment challenges with the support and guidance of their mentor. Participants will be able to communicate with each other through an online platform as well as email, chat, video and phone. Expert advice and guidance will be provided by us along the way to ensure that all participants get the most out of the experience and meet their goals.

This program is delivered by Master Builders Australia and supported by Art of Mentoring, a specialist mentoring consultancy. 

Mentoring is important, particularly when that relationship occurs between members of the same industry. Research shows it's an extremely effective way for the mentor and mentee to develop new skills, navigate diverse issues and understand how to deal with people and problems. Mentoring predicts career success for our next generation.

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The Women Building Australia National Mentoring Program provides women in the building and construction industry with access to support, encouragement and advice from experienced individuals through a virtual or face to face mentoring relationship. Mentoring is an excellent way to help women to participate and succeed in the building and construction industry, but for women in the industry, remote locations, complex rosters and a shortage of female colleagues mean that they cannot always take part intraditional face-to-face mentoring programs. 

Become a Mentee

Receive experienced guidance and support in the industry

There will be an award given to the highest performing mentee across Australia on completion of the program.

Eligibility for the award will require full participation in the program with completion of surveys and webinar attendance. The award is a choice of simulated training to the value of $5,000 at the Master Builders’ state of the art Building Leadership Simulation Centre in Melbourne, Airfares, transfers and accommodation are included. 

The Women Building Australia National Mentoring Program 2021 provides mentees and mentors with a way to work together, wherever they are, and fits in with their busy working lives. 

To join as a mentee, you must 

  • Identify as a woman 
  • Be employed full-time or part-time in the building and construction industry (apprentice, tradeswoman, technician, professional, administration) 
  • Have between zero and five years experience in residential, commercial and/or civil construction 
  • Be available for the full length of the program, participate in program training and webinars, and complete program surveys. 

To join as a mentor, you can be female or male & must: 

  • Be working in the building and construction industry in a management or supervisory role, including running your own business 
  • Have at least six years industry experience 
  • Be available for the full length of the program, participate in training and webinars, and complete program surveys. 

Become a Mentor

Make a difference for women who want to succeed in our industry

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For Mentors 

  • Be recognised as a leader and use your years of experience to give back to the industry  
  • Showcase your depth of industry knowledge and areas of mastery  
  • Inspire and support women to build satisfying and sustained careers in the construction industry  
  • Stay abreast of emerging industry issues  
  • Further develop your mentoring skills.

This program is not about the mentor finding a job for the mentee. 

How can you benefit from this program? 


  • Use your years of experience to contribute back to the industry.  
  • Make a difference for women who want to succeed in our industry. 
  • Develop mentoring skills including listening, asking questions, guiding, providing feedback, communication and interpersonal skills.  
  • Enhance your leadership skills. 
  • Stay abreast of emerging issues relevant to the industry. 


  • Improved confidence. 
  • Receive experienced guidance and support in the industry. 
  • Build networking opportunities. 
  • Professional growth and career planning. 
  • Improved self awareness. 
  • Clearer career direction. 
  • Better communication, listening and feedback skills. 
  • Improved management skills. 

For Mentees  

  • Experienced guidance and support in the industry  
  • Excellent networking opportunities
  • Receive feedback and developmental guidance
  • Identify professional growth and career planning. 
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