Architectural drafters

Architectural drafters spend some time outdoors inspecting sites.

Architectural Drafters perform a range of tasks including:

  • preparing architectural and working drawings showing plans, elevations, sections, materials, finishes and other aspects such as layouts, plumbing, drainage, car parking and landscaping;
  • calculating the quantity and quality of materials needed, material and labour costs, and timeframes;
  • interpreting client briefs and preparing and developing sketch plans for client approval;
  • helping to prepare building specifications to suit individual clients;
  • representing or assisting architects on building sites to ensure plans and specifications are followed;
  • liaising with local governments; and
  • examining relevant codes and by-laws in the course of undertaking project documentation.

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Personal Requirements

  • able to visualise ideas in three dimensional form
  • interest in technical drawing
  • neatness and patience for producing accurate work
  • some artistic talent in freehand drawing

Education and Training

To become an architectural drafter you need to complete an accredited course in design or drafting.



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