Builder’s labourer

Builder’s labourers assist tradespeople on building and construction sites by doing a range of unskilled and semi-skilled manual labouring jobs.

Builder’s labourers may specialise by working with particular tradespeople as a trades assistant, such as bricklayer’s labourer or carpenter’s assistant. They may also become specialist construction workers such as steelfixers, doggers, riggers, scaffolders or concrete workers. Builder’s labourers work with other tradespeople on building and construction sites. They mostly work outdoors

Builder’s labourers may perform tasks including:

  • unloading, carrying and stacking building materials and placing tools and equipment in position;
  • digging trenches for footings and services using hand tools and jackhammers if necessary;
  • helping to erect and dismantle scaffolding (subject to certification), ramps, catwalks, barricades and warning lights;
  • mixing, pouring and spreading concrete; and cleaning surfaces for painters

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Personal Requirements

  • physically fit
  • able to work as part of a team
  • able to work at a constant pace
  • like outdoor work
  • able to follow precise directions

Education and Training

There are no specific educational requirements for entry to this job. Training is given on the job. Your chances of finding a job may be improved if you have formal qualifications.


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