Building Inspectors

Building Inspectors enforce, advise on and interpret laws and regulations controlling building construction.

Building Inspectors may perform tasks including: 

  • providing advice and assistance to builders and owners before finalisation and lodgement of plans so that potential problems can be avoided;
  • assessing building plans submitted for approval and establishing that buildings or structures to be erected or altered conform with building regulations and codes of practice;
  • inspecting buildings during the progress of the work to make sure plans, specifications and regulations are being followed;
  • assessing the building’s suitability for issue of a certificate of occupancy;
  • giving evidence in court when prosecutions are necessary for breaches of building regulations;
  • inspecting existing buildings to assess conditions; and
  • giving advice on building matters.

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Personal Requirements 

  • good organisational skills
  • practical approach to problem solving
  • able to interpret plans and drawings

Education and Training 

Entry to this job requires a building qualification plus building industry experience. Entry to the diploma course requires Year 12/VCE. Alternative entry
may be available.


1300 889 156 providing confidential, practical (non-legal) advice on issues of discrimination and harassment, and avenues that are available to you.