Cabinet Maker

Cabinet Makers are specialised woodworkers who make cabinetry and furniture, often creating the internal infrastructure that makes a house a home. 

Cabinet Makers are craftspeople who need good hand-eye coordination, clear communication skills and spend a lot of their day standing up. Similar but slightly different to carpenters, Cabinet Makers take their woodwork one step further to look at the finer details of a piece of furniture. Ranging from full kitchens to bespoke pieces of fine furniture, a Cabinet Makers work involves a creative approach and an eye for detail. 

Cabinet Makers may perform tasks including:

  • taking orders from customers and discussing the details of the job;
  • examining details, drawings and samples to work up existing orders.
  • choosing hardwood and softwood timbers to work with, as well as veneers, particleboard and synthetic woods.
  • marking, cutting and turning wood.
  • making furniture, using templates, drawings and specifications,
  • assembling furniture from shaped parts.
  • repairing and refurbishing old furniture and antiques and
  • adding fine detail to furniture and cabinetry.

More Information

Personal Requirements

  • able to work with hands
  • good hand-eye coordination 
  • able to follow plans
  • physically fit and healthy

Education and Training

To become a Cabinet Maker you usually need to complete an apprenticeship which includes on and off the job training.

  • Complete a Certificate III in Cabinet Making (MSF31113), which offers specialised pathways in furniture, or kitchens and bathrooms. These pathways will give you the specialised skills you need to undertake the requisite work.
  • You can also complete a Certificate III in Furniture Making (MSF30213) through a TAFE, or Registered Training Organisation.
  • Gain hands-on experience in the workplace under the supervision of qualified Cabinet Makers.


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