Carpenter and joiner

Carpenters and joiners construct, erect, install, finish and repair wooden and metal structures and fixtures used on the inside and outside of buildings, both for residential and commercial constructions.

Carpenters may perform tasks including:

  • erecting the floor and wall framework, pitching the roof, erecting suspended ceilings and laying timber floors;
  • installing metal and timber windows and sashes, and metal and timber doors.

Carpenters may also work on large concrete, steel and timber structures such as bridges, dams, power stations and civil engineering construction.

Carpenters work on building sites, construction and civil engineering projects, and in mainte- nance in large factories and hospitals.

Joiners may perform tasks including:

  • manufacturing items such as window frames, sashes and doors; and
  • manufacturing architectural joinery and staircases.

Joiners are usually employed by firms that specialise in joinery work, and they work mainly indoors.

More Information

Personal Requirements

  • able to work with hands
  • a sense of balance and able to work at heights (for carpenters)
  • some maths skills
  • good health and eyesight
  • must like working in a team
  • good communication skills

Education and Training

Entry to this occupation is through an apprenticeship.


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