Crane, Hoist or Lift Operator 

As a crane, hoist and lift operator, you operate stationary and mobile cranes. You hoist, lift and winch to lift, move and place materials, equipment and people in areas such as building sites, factories, mines, sawmills, wharves and shipyards. 




  • Outdoor work 
  • No formal qualification required 
  • Physical work 

A typical day may involve:

  • testing the operation of plant before use to ensure safety
  • operating controls to rotate cranes, move cranes on fixed rails, raise and lower jibs and booms, and raise, lower and move hooks and objects
  • working with others to position hooks and raise, move and place loads
  • monitoring plant operation, instruments and gauges to detect malfunctions and problems
  • controlling the movement of loads, and monitoring speed, acceleration and braking distances directly and by signalling to other operators
  • lubricating ropes and winches on cranes and replacing worn cables
  • operating overhead cranes suspended by cables from cranes using hand controls

It helps to be good at:

  • Using tools and machines 
  • Communicating clearly

Qualifications/pathway options:

  • Cert III Civil Construction
  • Cert III Mobile Crane Operations
  • Traineeship
  • Apprenticeship

You may be able to work in:

  • Construction 
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining 
  • Transport and warehousing

Related Roles 

  • Earthmoving plant operator

  • Driller

  • Civil Engineer


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