Glass and Glazing Tradespeople

Glass and glazing workers cut, shape and install the glass used in windows, doors, walls, mirrors, display cabinets and furniture.

Glass and Glazing Tradespeople can also do decorative work such as stained glass and feature mirrors. 

Glass and Glazing Tradespeople may perform tasks including:

  • interpreting drawings and plans or measuring the space to work out how much glass is needed;
    cutting, drilling and notching holes in glass with diamond-tipped cutters and drills;
  • removing broken glass and mirrors and preparing surfaces for reglazing;
  • smoothing and polishing edges on a grinding or bevelling wheel;
    fitting glass;
  • assembling and securing parts of pre-made glass units such as shop fittings, display cases and shower enclosures;
  • installing metal window and door frames into which glass panels are fitted, eg shower screens and sliding doors; and
  • making decorative edges on glass and mirrors.

More information

Personal Requirements

  • steady hands necessary for precise work
  • able to work at heights
  • able to calculate and measure accurately
  • good sight for glazing work.

Education and Training

Entry to this occupation is usually through a contract of training or by completion of relevant studies.
Trainees must be employed before enrolling in TAFE trade courses


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