Project Manager

Armed with a degree in Fashion designing and having worked for leading fashion houses in Melbourne, gave Nancy the opportunity to gain insights into forecasting and disciplines of design and production. This is where Nancy realised that what she had the capability of expanding her knowledge into the building and construction industry alongside her Husband, Danny, a building & construction company they both formed together nearly twenty one years ago.

Over the years and through her career, Nancy has managed to evolve from the great experiences from  her past work and turn them into ( quite easily) as being an estimator, project manager for design and undertake the role of CFO for Acustruct™ alongside being the Creative Design Director where she leads an enthusiastic team of planners, designers and supervisors. 

Developing extensive knowledge through her day to day activities, undertaking short courses for bettering systems and knowledge, including Green Living Building, Waterproofing and understanding product and function provides endless possibilities of design & being effective with the In-house building & interior design services Acustruct™ offer. 

Within recent years, Nancy has formed the in-house design studio AcuDesign for those seeking a one stop building and construction solution.

With extensive daily liaison with clients, associated professionals and the like, it is the role of being heavily involved within the day to day running of a construction company where Nancy gains most insight. 

Understanding form and function whilst on the ground, combined into her design aesthetic is most valuable and rewarding. Nancy has received numerous invitations to discuss her knowledge and or mentor the younger community within various industries including the hospitality industry. 

Being appointed to form part of the MBAV Housing committee sector, Nancy injects a new form of traditional building advice with a refreshing outlook, whilst merging this new world of building and expectation without compromise. 

Nancy recently embarked on a new exciting venture called projectHER. A project management platform that is being created to enable all women of all ages to be apart of the building industry without having to be on the tools, but rather working from a set of plans, enabling women to forecast, understand & liaise with all persons onsite through a supervisory management role.

Nancy Italiano
Creative Design Director Acustruct™ Builders - Co owner