Interior Designer 

As an interior designer, you plan, design, detail and supervise the construction of commercial, industrial, retail and residential building interiors. 

You aim to create an environment tailored to a purpose, with particular emphasis on space creation, space planning and factors that enhance living and working environments.

You may be able to run your own business. 



  • Creativity 
  • Working with others 
  • Variety 

A typical day may involve:

  • consulting with clients and stakeholders
  • researching and analysing spatial, functional, efficiency, safety and aesthetic requirements
  • formulating design concepts for building interiors
  • preparing sketches, diagrams, illustrations and plans
  • negotiating with clients, management, suppliers and construction staff
  • selecting, specifying and recommending functional and aesthetic materials, furniture and products for interiors
  • detailing and documenting selected design for construction
  • supervising the construction of interiors

It helps to be good at:

  • planning and managing projects
  • design
  • communicating clearly
  • keeping things organised
  • working calmly under pressure

Qualifications/pathway options:

  • Diploma Interior Design 


  • Bachelor Design (Interior Design)

You may be able to work in:

  • Construction
  • Retail 
  •  Design

Related Roles

  • Architect

  • Interior Decorator

  • Architectural Draftsperson (building design)


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