As a stonemason, you cut and shape hard and soft stone blocks and masonry slabs to construct and renovate stone structures. You may fix old monuments and existing stonework. It can be noisy work. 



  • Outdoor work
  • Physical work 
  • National & International work 

A typical day may involve:

  • studying plans and specifications to determine materials required, dimensions and installation procedures
  • erecting scaffolding
  • sealing foundations with damp resistant materials and spreading layers of mortar to serve as base and binder for blocks, using trowels
  • checking vertical and horizontal alignment
  • cutting, shaping, and polishing stones and bricks using machines and hand tools
  • repairing and maintaining bricks, cement blocks and related structures
  • designing and cutting monumental masonry, including lettering
  • constructing walls using stone slabs and large masonry slab blocks

It helps to be good at:

  • physical tasks 
  • using tools 
  • working at heights 

Qualifications/pathway options:

  • Cert III Bricklaying and Blocklaying
  • Apprenticeship

You may be able to work in:

  • Construction 
  • Manufacturing 

Related Roles

  • Bricklayer

  • Carpenter

  • Plasterer


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